Command Tokens - Elite


Command Tokens - A 3D printed box & token set. The Elite box provides 6 sets of tokens (30 tokens total).

A compact, convenient and sturdy option for your skirmish wargames. The tokens are designed to support smooth gameplay in skirmish games by showing which actions have been taken in a particular battle round. Commands are given unique symbols on uniquely shaped tokens to make the game smooth, fast and most of all understandable. Each set includes a bespoke box that provides both easy access with easy transport.

It is compatible with Game Workshop's Kill Team. It also works well at other wargaming tables, such as Infinity or  Warhammer 40,000.

Everything has been efficiently, sturdily created so this little box fits in a lot of functionality, it's features include:

  • High contrast colours so you can see the symbols both close and far.
  • Custom colour combinations options available to match your army's colour scheme!
  • 5 types of double sided tokens. Each token has been given a unique shape to make identification on the table instant and easy. The double sided tokens show: Move // Advance, Charge // Retreat, Ready // Fired/completed, Wounded // Flesh Wound, Shaken.
  • A convenient box to store your tokens in, with each row only fitting the corresponding token type. It has designed to be transport-safe with a safe, slide-on lid and an backpack impact-resistant design.
Made of sturdy plastic, this set will be a mainstay at your table for years.

We currently have 3 available.