Battlezone: Mechanicum – Terrain Datasheet Cards

$36.00 $40.00

Inside this 22-card pack, you will find:
  • 8 Terrain datasheet cards
  • 8 Tactical terrain datasheet cards
  • 2 Battlezone Mechanicum rules cards
  • 1 Agendas card for use in Crusade campaigns
  • 1 Theatre of War card for use in narrative and open play games
  • 1 Photo card
  • 1 Art card
The datasheets provided cover the Ferratonic Furnace, Haemotrope Reactor, Plasma Conduits, Mechanicum Walkways, Alchomite Stack, Galvanic Magnavent, Thermic Plasma Regulator, and Munitorum Armoured Containers terrain pieces.

    We currently have 2 available.