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Business Walrus is a brand-new party game where friends compete to invent products and win billions of dollars from the world’s wealthiest, most powerful investor: the Business Walrus.

The game starts with one player assuming the role of BUSINESS WALRUS, while everyone else plays as a LOWLY ENTREPRENEUR. At the beginning of each round, the BUSINESS WALRUS randomly draws an ASK card, which details which type of product he’s looking to invest in. Then, the LOWLY ENTREPRENEURS must quickly work to come up with a product idea that satisfies the requirements of the ASK card. However, the catch is that they must play one MUST HAVE card, which details a specific feature that must be incorporated into their product.

Once everyone has come up with a product idea, the LOWLY ENTREPRENEURS then take turns pitching their ideas to the BUSINESS WALRUS. After everyone has pitched, the BUSINESS WALRUS awards a $1 BILLION INVESTMENT to the LOWLY ENTREPRENEUR with his favorite product idea. In addition to the investment, the winning LOWLY ENTREPRENEUR is also awarded a WALRUS SURPRISE card, which contains a special twist that can be strategically employed at a time of their choosing to either benefit themselves or hinder an opponent.

At the start of each new round, the BUSINESS WALRUS passes the role onto the player to his left, and he then becomes a LOWLY ENTREPRENEUR. This process continues until the game’s conclusion. The first player to successfully earn $3 billion in investments from the BUSINESS WALRUS is named the winner, while the losing players are condemned to a life of poverty and woe.

Contains 500 hilarious and endlessly replayable cards, providing you and your friends with infinite opportunities to laugh with such force and frequency that it overwhelms your biological functions, leaving you jaundiced and shivering on the floor.

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