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Extreme Carnivean - PIP 73095

Legion of Everblight - Heavy Warbeast

The Privateer Press Extreme models embody the full-throttle attitude of WARMACHINE and HORDES cranked up another notch. These models represent the ultimate creative vision for the Iron Kingdoms’ most iconic warjacks and warbeasts—taken to the extreme! Designed for the display case, these models are also legal for use in WARMACHINE and HORDES games.

This stunning model rendition of the Carnivean displays the ferocious might of Everblight's dragonspawn and will take a place of pride among your Legion forces.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 73095 contains the same stat card as the Carnivean in PIP 73057. The model in this box represents the same figure in the game. However, the model in PIP 73095 is a premium “Extreme” sculpt designed as a collector’s display piece and suitable for tabletop use.

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