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Ancestral Guardian - PIP 74019

When the Skorne die, all that awaits their souls is the torment of the Void, save only for those who have proven worthy of the immortality of Exaltation. The Ancestral Guardian is an Exalted Ancestor come to war, and his presence saves the souls of worthy Skorne from the Void, their dying fury and strength adding to the Ancestral Guardian's considerable martial prowess.

The Ancestral Guardian might be a solo on paper but its ability to buy and boost and effective melee weapon means that it has the offensive combat profile of a light warbeast. Indeed when compared to an Enraged Cyclops Savage, they both have the same threat range and the effective damage after charging is different only in that a couple of points of MAT are counterbalanced by STR from the Enrage buff. And although not nearly as resilient the Guardian is only 2/3 the cost of the Savage. Generally however the Guardian is used in a finesse role, taking advantage of its superb MAT to poke solos who think their DEF is high enough.

Weapons and Attacks

Halberd - long weapon, hard hitting

  • Damage Type: Magical - This weapon can damage incorporeal models.

Special Abilities

  • Construct - This model is a construct and is not a living model.
  • Defensive Strike - 1/turn when an enemy ends their movement in reach take a swing at them.
  • Soul Vessel - This model has a soul as if it were a living model.
  • Steady - This model can't be knocked down.
  • Soul Taker: Gatekeeper - This model collects souls from living friendly faction models destroyed in CMD and may hold up to three. It can spend these souls on the following:
    • Soul-Powered - This model can spend souls to gain melee attacks during its activation.
    • Spirit Driven - Spend a soul to gain a little movement speed.
    • Strength of Death - This model may spend soul tokens to boost attack or damage rolls.
  • Resonance - Immortals that start nearby get a SPD buff.

Note: This model comes packed and requires some assembly and painting.

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