Thunderstone Quest: Foundations of the World

$62.99 $65.00

This Quest, Foundations of the World, is the finale of the story told in the first 4 Quests originally released in the Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter. Each Quest consists of a selection of dungeon tiles and monster cards that create an engaging storyline. It includes rules for selecting Village and Dungeon cards to create a variety of Adventures. After you've mastered each Quest you use random setups of Quest cards to create new Dungeons and Villages - build your own Quests and Adventures!

Contains dungeon tiles, dividers, randomizers, and 243 cards, including 6 heroes, 6 monsters, 12 support items, treasure and three versions of the Guardian, each of slightly different difficulty, meaning that different Adventures within the Quest have a scaling challenge.

This is an expansion, the Thunderstone Quest base game is required to play.