Twilight Imperium: 4th Edition Rulebook & Print

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20th Anniversary Promotional Kit for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition - rulebook & 2x art prints

Includes the hardback rulebook with expanded fiction and content about the Twilight Imperium universe as well as extensive art that depicts these many disparate peoples coming together in war as they struggle to dominate the galaxy and lay claim to the desiccated throne of Mecatol Rex.

Also included are two beautiful limited edition 11x17 art prints with special commemorative branding that showcases twenty years of exacting world building and gorgeous design work that has brought this vibrant universe to life. One print showcases the box art in all its glorious detail, highlighting the varied races that are battling for supremacy of Mecatol Rex. The other print features the constructions of one of the most powerful weapons that the races of the Twilight Imperium are willing to bring to bear in the name of galactic superiority: the devastating War Sun.