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Supanova Gold Coast 2016
Thursday , 14 April 2016 , 12 : 50 AM

Ahh, the Tabletop Zone. Home to yells from excited RPGers who have just rolled a triple critical hit, to newbies learning classics, to experiences players who are keen to try new games, and to the people who help make it all work, the volunteers.

Blake and Liz took some attendees on wild adventures, battling creatures and negotiating with blacksmiths, taking on a group of elves (literally - they were cosplaying as elves), some groups that had ventured with us before at past conventions, and even a couple of new young gamers eager to learn the exciting depths of the role-playing worlds.

Dozens of games were played across the weekend, with the most popular being Exploding Kittens, The World of Warcraft Adventure Game and Tavern Fame. Laughter is often heard from out across the tables, particularly from the fun party-style and accessible games, but also from those blocking a train route in Ticket to Ride, or killing off a family member in Gloom. The laughter and the fun are why we bring our games along to each and every convention we can, and we always want attendees to get the most out of the weekend. And talk about getting the most out of a game; a trio of gents borrowed popular space-faring card games Race for the Galaxy for three hours! They played 3 games and probably would've played more if they didn't have to go home.

The weekend was full of cosplay as well, with Vault-dwellers, tons of disney princesses, multiple Deadpools, a myriad of avengers and other superheroes and too many to count anime iterations walking about the place. Over the weekend, I also had the chance to talk to a couple of stars, one of whom was Amy Acker, of Angel and Person of Interest fame, who I recommended a couple of board games to. Here's hoping she takes up the hobby!

We all had an excellent time this year at the Gold Coast, and I'd like to give a special shout out to my wonderful helpers, Pedro, Blake, Liz, Liam, Ben1 & Ben2, Lachlan, Tracey, Raylene, Jon, and Josh. See you at the next convention, be sure to come and check us out! 

Supanova Stats
Number of games played: 65
Number of Vault volunteers: 12
Game played most often: Tavern Fame/Exploding Kittens
Longest time spent playing a single game: 2 hours, 52 minutes