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Friday , 18 August 2017 , 11 : 08 AM
Howdy there folks, Dylan here to give you some information regarding the discount code system here on the store. Over the last 2 years of operation, some of you may have ended up getting your hands on a discount code. This could be because you're a member of one of the community groups we work with; or you may have...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Thursday , 06 July 2017 , 09 : 13 PM
Every fortnight on Saturday evenings, Vault brings you evenings filled with delicious smells, wonderful tastes, and the gentle hum of laughter and mirth. It's Board Games & Burgers night! Winner’s announced! Did you participate in a Board Games & Burgers event sometime this year? If so, and if you wrote down your scores, you may have won a prize! Congratulations...
  • Posted by Cassie Varian
Wednesday , 19 July 2017 , 02 : 31 PM
Howdy Vaulters. The next episode of our miniatures-focused podcast, Assembly Required, is now available to stream from Soundcloud or iTunes. This month, Dom, Jess and I discuss Warhammer 8th Edition three weeks in, the brand new faction for Hordes, Grymkin: The Wicked Harvest, and what they've been doing with their minis over the last month. Don't forget that you can...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Tuesday , 13 June 2017 , 08 : 27 PM
  Board Game Brews This month's Board Game Brews have taken a decidely fantastical flair with inspiration coming from number one RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. Come in this month and warm yourself up with the spicy Fire Elemental, a chilli-infused cappucino dusted with cinnamon for that extra bit, or harden yourself through this winter month with the Earth Elemental, a...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Tuesday , 13 June 2017 , 12 : 41 PM
Hey there Vaulters! Have I got a little something special for you. Welcome to the first ever episode of Assembly Required, a new podcast brought to you by us here at Vault Games that is all about the small-scale world of miniatures. Each month, a new episode will be uploaded on Soundcloud focusing on a single aspect of the man-dollies...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Monday , 17 April 2017 , 02 : 15 PM
A board game can have the best mechanics ever crafted into a tabletop experience, but there's one thing that truly draws a player in from the start, and that is art. We're here to give you the run down on five games we think you will love the art of. Dixit Dixit was unique when it first appeared in that...
  • Posted by Cassie Varian