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Friday , 05 May 2017 , 12 : 44 PM
Hey there Vaulters,  There's a lot coming up this month so let's get started. Price Changes A few months ago, we started an experiment to see what would happen if we raised our prices to RRP. This experiment was born out of the need to marry up our prices with the costs of running a physical location. In the end,...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Thursday , 04 May 2017 , 08 : 53 PM
  What a wonderful International Tabletop Weekend we had! Vault was in attendance for the renewed Briscon, which made its comeback in 2016 with glorious vigour, and that spirit continued on into 2017. Vault was there in the thick of the miniature action. We marvelled at the detail and precision that had gone into all the amazing miniatures and terrain...
  • Posted by Cassie Varian
Monday , 17 April 2017 , 12 : 16 PM
Hi there Vault Gamers. Welcome to this month's store report. I know, I know, it's a little late in April already but better late than never I guess :P Let's get to it. A good problem to have The store has been getting a little full lately, and not just from events. Clearly, we've struck a chord with you guys...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Wednesday , 08 March 2017 , 04 : 49 PM
Well, it’s that time again to give you the low-down on the store. One thing we want you to know is that we consider our store a community meeting point that we are just the caretakers of. And so, with that in mind, we want to keep you up to date with everything happening with the store and the lessons...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer
Thursday , 02 March 2017 , 03 : 41 PM
It seems that with each passing year, more and more board games are published and released providing such a variety of choices for us gamers! Last year had a few big releases and I found that I ended playing these more than most and they are in no order: 5. Scythe The first time I played this game I wasn’t...
  • Posted by Jennah Grimsey
Tuesday , 31 January 2017 , 06 : 04 PM
2016 was not just a strong year for Vault, but also for tabletop in general. Despite everything going on, I did manage to play a few games last year and most of the time, these games were great. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 games of 2016. 5. Warmachine/Hordes Yeah I get it, Pedro had this on...
  • Posted by Dylan Shearer