Unlocking the Vault: The Vault Games Launch Party Wrap

On Sunday, 9th November, we launched our new site! For this momentous occasion, we thought what better way to celebrate than to throw a big party! We put the call out to anyone and everyone we knew who are fans of, or are interested in gaming. You responded! The turnout for the event was close to 200 throughout the day, and all of us at Vault Games couldn’t be happier. It was an excellent day of gaming, prizes, and fun and we're glad you all enjoyed it. 


The day kicked off with the Warhammer 40000 Kill Team tournament. Stakes were high, with the prize of a 4x4 Frontline Terrain Mat on offer. Congrats to our winner Martin, choosing one of the amazing Alpine terrain mats we have available. Many of the competition goers loved playing on the mats and using the THMXcessories to really set the atmosphere. If you attended our launch and want to find out more, check out the mats and terrain on our site.

Also happening throughout the day were various Magic: The Gathering competitions. There was a morning and evening draft, and a Commander/Elder Dragon Highlander tourney to break up the day. Many battles were fought valiantly with the newly constructed decks and winners Harley, Barnet and Jeremy walked away with some Khans of Tarkir boosters to further expand their decks. 
After some engine malfunctions, the Star Wars X-Wing tournament kicked off in the evening, with some pilots dodging and aiming more than others. Our eventual winner Thomas swarmed his competition with an unstoppable list of eight TIE Fighters. He collected a sweet bounty in the form of vouchers to use in the store. 
The day also featured plenty of giveaways, with the Vault opening every hour. Some examples of games that were given away were Saboteur, Timeline and Love Letter. Congratulations to the lucky winners on the day, and enjoy the loot you scored out of the vault! Our resident Game Master Blake was on hand with his large crate of roleplaying books to guide you through fantastic realms and challenge even the mightiest of adventurers. If you were in on the fun, or want to dive in yourself, why not pick up a Dungeons and Dragons starter set, available now. 


We’d like to thank The League of Extraordinary Gamers for facilitating the event, and for providing their extensive library of games for attendees to enjoy. In particular we want to thank Eddie Crompton and Keith Done for all the help they provided in organising the event. Thanks also to the QLD Contract Bridge Club for the use of their facilities, it was wonderful to be able to game in comfort, especially on such a warm day. Big thanks also to Charli and co. in the canteen for providing a wonderful amount of food for all the patrons who visited throughout the day. 

We also appreciate the attendance of all of the independent game developers who came along to showcase their amazing creations, and if you played a game that you enjoyed, be sure to check out their game and pick up a copy for yourself. Cheers to Toby and Kris from the Australian Tabletop Gaming Network for coming along and supporting us, we are glad you had an enjoyable time as well. Last of all we would like to thank all of our friends and family for the support they have shown us over the past few months while we got the store up and running and kicked off at the launch. We couldn’t have done it without you, and for that we are very grateful.

Gaming is a large part of all of our lives, so to share and enjoy it with people who also have a passion for gaming means a lot to us. It is a testament to the wonderful gaming community we have here in Brisbane that you all came along and had such a good time doing what you love. We are excited to start this new adventure, however as we are brand new, there may be a few teething problems while we get up and running. We want to make you our number one priority. If you have any games you’d like us to stock or track down for you, or you notice any issues with the site, please contact us on our facebook page or at orders@vaultgames.com.au.

Check out the independent developers who featured at our event:
  • Munji Studios: Ray Williams brought you Australia's first successfully-Kickstarted board game, Alchemist Academy (remember, if you can't pass... CAST!) as well as his brand new unreleased title, Goblin Hunters, where the best Goblin Hunters of the land compete to see who is the best Goblin Hunter of them all!
  • McMaster Games: Anthony McMaster brought along his new title, Zoo Mayhem for you to try out before it hits Kickstarter next year Did your animals have what it took to survive?
  • Thylacine Games: Dragon Racer has just been released on kickstarter! Get along today and back this fantastic game where you need to train and ride the fastest dragons in the world.
  • End Game Games: Jason, creator of the recently kickstarted Hedron, brought his new game Ragnaroll, the game of glory, death and dice. Did you help your vikings survive the frozen wastelands of Ragnarok by raiding the other players' supplies before someone else raids yours?
  • Rule & Make: Allen Chang brought along his kick-started game, Rise to Power, a city-building strategy card game. 
  • Empire games: Basil and the team brought along their new game, M.A.D Magnificent Machines and Devious Devices. Did you take over the world with your legion of mechanical kittens? Or harness the power of the mighty Thunderous Octopus?
    The Vault Games Team: Pedro, Kate, Cassie, Jennah, and Dylan
    From your ultra-competitive team-member,


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