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Vault at Supanova Brisbane
Friday , 12 December 2014 , 06 : 54 PM

Ah Supanova, the giant pit of geeky awesomeness that crowds of all types descend into for a whole weekend of fun, wonder, and a little bit of mayhem. I'm going to tell you about it from our perspective! It can be fun walking into the con early as an exhibitor. You see things before they are shiny and perfectly placed, you talk with other vendors who are in a similar situation, talking about what to expect, and even take a quick peak at what they're selling. We make sure our games are on full display ready for a weekend packed full of gaming.

Friday was a great chance for some peaceful gaming, as it is generally the least busy day of the con. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to play for a few hours and for us to pass on our vast knowledge of games with those who may have not often had the opportunity to have access to such a large library of tabletop games. I played a great game of Settlers of Catan with two new players, who, I'll admit, had the drop on me straight away. My 2-settlement sheep #10's were shut down any chance the robber could be placed on them and didn't get my first successful roll on that space until a third of the way through the game. Despite their best efforts, I slowly inched a road here, a few lucky dice rolls there, and was in quite a good position once I had stolen the longest road from the then leader. It was soon to be over however, and boy did it finish crazily! I had just got an excellent resource roll on my turn and upgraded to a city. I then had enough cards leftover to build a development card, with which I pulled my second victory point from. I passed the dice. My opponent then built two roads to take back the longest road for the win. The only thing was, I could've won on my previous turn, but I didn't not reveal my cards because I didn't count all my points! I was distraught, I had won but I didn't even know it! Lesson learnt: always keep track of the score.

Saturday is in general, mayhem. It's the busiest day of the con, and we also had to start 30 minutes early! Many of our volunteers were very eager however, and I'd like to thank their enthusiasm for making the weekend a success. Special thanks to Kaitlyn, Bethany, Chris, Blake, Kirralee, Murray and Josh for all your help across the whole weekend! Saturday was filled with old players and new, some eager to learn new games, and see what all the fuss is about, others settling in with a session of their favourite game to pad out their day. We also ran a couple of enticing games of Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition, led by GM (game master) extraordinaire, Blake, who's off-the-cuff adventures are great entertainment for players both new and experienced.
Sunday is a fun day for us. It's not as hectic, but we do see a lot of people from the previous days' coming back for more. We love them for it! It's instant gratification for us because we are spreading our love of gaming to you, and seeing the results straight away. I'd also like to thank one of our wonderful patrons who donated a copy of Coup for us to use in our gaming library for future events. Your passion for gaming and wanting to spread that passion warms our hearts. Sunday also featured a Magic: the Gathering draft and rare re-draft. A few were new players whom Dylan and Chris had introduced over the weekend, so we're glad you were excited to play straight away! Thanks again to Josh who helped run the draft, we couldn't do it without you! Also on Sunday, more D&D from Blake, with Dylan also getting in on the fun, running a couple of Pathfinder sessions, with Dylan's laughter often being heard from the other end of our gaming space. You know when the GM is laughing heartily, things may not be going so well...


All in all, the Vault Crew had an amazing weekend, which, although we were very very tired, we'd do it all again next weekend! Thanks to everyone who visited over the weekend, and we'll see you at our next event.

A big thank you to the Supanova crew as well for allowing us to bring all of our games and knowledge to make it an even better event than before. We hope to see you all at more Supanova's and cons in the future!

How was your Supanova experience? Let us know what you enjoyed and what you didn't, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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