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International Tabletop Day
Wednesday , 15 April 2015 , 01 : 46 PM

International Tabletop Day 2015

What fun we had on Tabletop Day this year! Co-hosted by and held at The Escape Hunt Experience, West End, Brisbane, we had hundreds of games and tons of players to enjoy them! A bunch even tried their hand at escaping a room or two. Our co-hosts also unveiled their new fitted out caravan, which, without giving too much away, gave the perfect taste of the Escape Hunt experience.


We also ran a couple of competitions throughout the day, with a Splendor and Sushi Go tournament, a Magic sealed event, and a winners raffle, where everyone who won a game got a raffle ticket which was drawn at the end of the day. Congratulations go to Toni in our Splendor tournament, who played a strategic game and came out on top with all her sparkling gems. Well done to Jesse as well for his Sushi Go win, which was a close one! He and close runner up Johnny tied for points in the two tournament games they played, and had a sudden death game versus each other, with Jesse claiming the win. Congrats also go to Matt who took out the Magic sealed event with his awesome deck. Finally to our raffle winner Jeremy, who had a great day full of gaming, which won him a few chances in the raffle. Well done to you all, we hope you enjoyed the day and your wins!


Other highlights included being able to teach many new games to people on the day, like Roll for the Galaxy (an interesting spin on Race for the Galaxy, a card based game), which I saw being enjoyed at least 3 or 4 times throughout the day. I even had the pleasure of teaching an old favourite in Settlers of Catan to a new player, who enjoyed it, and all of its trading and settling glory, despite not even coming close to winning the game. Another a great game, Concept, helped close out the day. It’s a game I’d describe as similar to Pictionary or charades, but with pictures on a game board which you use to represent the clue you have. I find it very interesting and intriguing the many different ways people interpret a clue and then in turn try to get others to guess it using the board.


Our International Tabletop Day was huge, and we had a lot of fun, what did you get up to? Did you come along, if so, did you enjoy it? What was your favourite game on the day, and did you have any highlights? Let us know!