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Supanova Gold Coast 2015
Saturday , 16 May 2015 , 01 : 16 PM

Supanova Gold Coast 2015 Tabletop Wrap Up

Recently, the Vault crew headed down the coast to bring our library of games to Supanova on the Gold Coast. While those who travel to the coast from Brisbane usually like to catch some rays and take a dip in the ocean, we went straight into gaming, setting up the tabletop zone and bringing gaming to the masses. Who needs sand when you’ve got dice!


Supanova is known for its excellent guest stars, large array of artistic talent, and many vendors, so it is an awesome opportunity to extend their range of activities to include tabletop gaming. Not only that, but Supanova is inclusive in its ability to channel the inner geek in all of us, whether it means you have an elaborate cosplay, are happy just to wear a geeky t-shirt or get amongst it by checking out all there is on offer. To have the opportunity to then be able to get more geeks involved by having gaming on offer is even more exciting (especially those who cosplay while playing a game or two).


The convention environment also gives new gamers or the curious a chance to try out games they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to try, including a role-playing session or two! This weekend we had Star Wars: Age of Rebellion scenarios and Dungeons & Dragons role-playing sessions, which proved quite popular, with all our sessions filling up on both days. Supanova also allows us to run a couple of Magic: the Gathering drafts, of which we had over 30 participants! Be sure to check out both our RPG range and Magic cards to get a taste of the action.


Some highlights from the weekend include: a game of Star Wars Imperial Assault with the 501st Star Wars cosplayers; an epic Jenga battle that snowballed into a bunch of other Jenga battles; the many close shaves characters had while playing DnD; seeing the return of gamers from previous conventions; the look of wonder on passers-by faces’ as they marvel at our gaming library; the look on eager gamers’ faces as they browse and try to decide what to play; seeing the parade of cosplayers emerge from nearby seminars walk by, and marveling at their artistry and creativity; hanging with friends – Supanova is a great place to enjoy all the pop culture and geekiness that you and you friends enjoy so much!

Supanova Stats
Number of games played: 77
Number of Magic players in the draft: 34
Number of Vault volunteers: 12
Game played most often: Jenga
Number of times a Jenga tower fell over: 10


Thanks go to our awesome volunteers and for Supanova for having us once again. Be sure to keep an eye out for us later in the year at more South East QLD conventions!