5 things to do with all of your new free time

There's one thing we have plenty of right now, and that's free time on our own. So, here's a handy list of things that can keep you sane within the hobby we all know and love.

Whip out some Co-Op games

After all, a co-operative game is essentialy one team against the game, so Cooperative games are perfect if you only have yourself to play with. There's Legendary Encounters, Pandemic (I had to say it), Arkham Horror, and even Marvel: Champions (btw, Black Widow just dropped if you're looking for another hero). You can even extend your roles in the game to act as several other players on your team, after all, the team is techinically just one player.

Play some Adventure Games or Escape Rooms in a box

Even if your stuck at home alone, the Adventure Game or Exit series from Kosmos, or the Unlock series of games are the perfect way to spend a few hours solving puzzles and, if you get frustrated, you can always come back to it later.

Plan your next RPG Campaign

If you haven't yet already discovered Discord and how to run your games online, you can at least start planning your next RPG campaign. I know I've already whipped out my Star Wars RPG books and some grid paper to start planning a new adventure that involves intricate puzzle tombs a string of complex villain motivations. There's never a better time than now to start planning for when you can finally meet up with your friends and spend hours in your collective imaginations.

Paint that minis backlog

I know. This one was hard to finish without laughing, but hear me out. You're stuck inside. Working from home. If you're on a conference call, who's going to know that you have that tactical squad from three years ago that you never painted on the table in front of you hitting it with some macragge blue?

And once you step out into the sunlight of the new world at the end of all this, you finally won't be rocking that bland grey army on the battlefield.

Who am I kidding... you're still not going to finish painting them right? Well, if you do, we still have some paints left and the new Redgrass Games Wet Palletes have arrived.

Join us on Twitch

 If you would rather play games vicarously through someone else, you can join us on our Twitch channel. We're streaming every day throughout this shutdown period with shows for each different leg of the gaming table. There's also some goodies for anyone who subscribes on there, including access to the exclusive subscriber Discord. Check out the schedule here.

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