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Are you ready for our 12...ish days of Christmas?
Wednesday , 30 November 2016 , 01 : 42 PM

That's right our regular Christmas sale is back and this time, we're going for 13 to change it up a little.

How does it work?

From Thursday 1 December until Saturday 16 December, a different collection of game, books or accessories will go on sale for 10% off, but only for that day. Once you've made your way through the PayPal checkout, use the discount code 12Days2016 and the discount will be applied to the final cart.

What about in-store?

Yes, you can get 10% off those same products in store as well :)

What’s on sale?

Unlike last year, we’re going to let you know what’s going to be on sale, but we’re not going to tell you when. If you want to be the first to know each day, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list.

In no particular order, here are the daily collections:

  • Star Wars
  • Classic Euros
  • Stocking Stuffers (small games & accessories)
  • As Seen On Tabletop
  • Homegrown Aussie Games
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Imaginary Worlds: RPG
  • Miniature Madness: Warmahordes Battlegroups and F.A.T. Mats
  • Love...craft Actually: Everything Lovecraftian
  • Magic: The Gathering Commander
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Thematic/US-Style games

And to top it all off, a special 13th special for the 13th day ;)

Now this isn't necessarily the order the days will run so make sure you stay up to date by subscribing to our emails and liking our Facebook page.

What about gift-wrapping?

You didn’t think we would allow these Christmas presents to leave the store bare right? If you want to spice up your purchases and have them ready to go for Christmas, we are offering free gift-wrapping over Christmas. All you have to do is add the Gift Wrapping product to your order and make sure you let us know which games are to be wrapped up in the order notes, otherwise we’ll wrap them all!

So make sure you have your Christmas list handy and you're ready to go on Thursday 1 December!