Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale at Vault Games

That's right folks. Black Friday is coming up and we're jumping on that retail bandwagon! And we're not just doing it for Black Friday, but all the way through to Cyber Monday. So, here's the details.

When is the sale happening?

The sale will run from 10am AEST Friday 29 November 2019 to 10pm AEST Monday 2 December 2019.

What's going on sale?

EVERYTHING... well, kinda. Here's what won't be discounted:

  • Level Up Dice (too shiny)
  • Preorders (already discounted)
  • Gift Cards (this would be like giving out free money... sorry)

Everything else will be a minimum of 10% off our current prices. But, that's just where it begins! There's not 2, but 3 other bands. Select items will be 20% off, others will be 30% off, and a final group will be priced to clear at a minimum of 50% off, with specially marked prices.

Will I need a Discount Code?

Nope. Our system is automatically adjusting the prices across the board so you won't need to enter anything else during checkout to get the discount. The price shown is the discounted price.


Will I be able to use other Discount Codes?

Because we're doing discounts across the board, we will be suspending discount codes for that time period. 

Will I be able to order in items?

Most items will be available to order in at the price listed during the sale. Some items however, are being priced to clear so we will be locking them off once sold out. If an item can be added to the cart and checked out, then yes, your order will be honoured. You'll find that most items in the 20% off and above will not be ordered in.

Will the prices be the same in store?

Yes. We'll be adjusting our prices across the whole system for the sale so, just like normal, the prices found online will be the same in store.

What if someone buys the item in store at the same time as I purchase it online?

We're not going to run up to people waiting in line and taking stuff out of their hands if it gets purchased online. So, if an item is purchased online while someone is buying it in store, we will honour the online purchase as an order-in, provided the product is available at our suppliers. This will be handled on a case-by-case and each case will be given the 5-star service we do here at Vault Games.

Are there any other Terms & Conditions?

Yes. There is one. We will not be accepting change-of-mind returns on sale items. Everything else is as normal. We've updated our Refund Policy page regarding this at

So, make sure you get your Christmas shopping sorted this weekend. Once it hits 10pm AEST on Monday, the store will return to our regular prices. Bookmark the Vault Home page and keep an eye on our Facebook Page to know once the sale goes live!

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