Finished Cyberpunk 2077? Here's 3 Hooks to kick off your Cyberpunk Tabletop RPG Campaign

Look, we've been pumping some serious hours into Cyberpunk 2077 too, and it's certainly got the creative juices flowing around the store. No matter how many campaigns we run, we’re always suckers for more. With CD Projekt Red’s somewhat flawed entry into the genre, it has still managed to spark our imaginations.Through the bugs, glitches and restarting of saves, we still managed to have a good time; but do you know what doesn’t have these issues? Tabletop RPG’s. At least until someone spills their NiCola on the character sheets.

So here's three easy hooks to get your very own Cyberpunk Tabletop RPG Campaign started, whether it's using Cyberpunk Red from R. Talosorian Games, or FFG's Shadows of the Beanstalk for Genesys...

This Next One Goes Out to the Guy Down the Back

A message is left on your phone from an old friend...

"Hey Choom. Haven't spoken in awhile. I got something that I need you to keep a hold of for a few days. Swing by my room at No-Tell, room 309. If I'm not there when you arrive, have a listen to the Samurai Vinyl I scored off a guy from Kabuki. It's got a few unreleased tracks."

After travelling to the hotel, you make your way up to room 309. Somethings not right. The door is stuck open, and marks imply that it was forced from the outside.

The room is a mess, the mattress thrown from the bed and the contents of a travel bag splayed across the interior floor. Light flickers in the bathroom, providing a rhythmic buzz to the silent space. You are drawn to it, and the acrid smell within.

Lying in the bathtub, is the remains of your friend, bludgeoned to death by a mysterious intruder. Evidence suggests that your friend was tortured, whether he gave the intruder what they wanted or not remains to be seen.

As you leave the bathroom, something strange sticks out to you. From across the room you see a vinyl Samurai record sitting on the shelf. Could your friend have meant this record? Was he trying to tell you something?

You grab the record, and as you swing it around to admire its cover, a small data shard slips out, landing on the floor. What has your friend gotten himself into?

You insert the data shard, hoping to find out what was worth your friends life. The shard contains a complete data dump of corporate assassinations and related funds transfers. Someone wanted this data. To either destroy it, or use it. Either way, now you're involved.

Number Five is Alive

It's been a long three days tracking down this rogue bot. The job smelt fishy at first. After all, how often does a suit come down from their ivory tower to offer crumbs of work to gonks like you? It's pretty straightforward. Find the bot that escaped from the corpo facility and bring it back. Why not just zero it though?

It doesn't matter now. You've traced it to an abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city. Now it's time to finish the job.

There is an odd stillness in the air as you approach the warehouse. No external lights are on and no gangers are in the area. Everything seems completely deserted.

As you approach the roller door, you notice flashes of light from the rear of the building, it looks like someone is welding.

You move silently, your feet barely making a noise as you move across the dusty concrete floor towards the light.

Remember, don't zero the bot.

As you get closer, you notice the droid is sitting on a table, with its right arm being worked on by a mysterious individual. It sees you.

"Halt your movement" it screeches, pistol drawn.

"Wait!" yells the mysterious individual, removing her goggles and throwing her hands outstretched, a palm each toward both you and the droid.

"You don't know what you're doing," she says, her voice cracking with desperation. "This isn't a normal bot. I worked on him at the plant. He's aware."

Aware?! Bots have a rudimentary AI but nothing that can gain sentience, at least not usually.

"A few years back, the corp was playing with a new AI system that developed awareness. They tried to delete it but he hid," she continues. "He asked me for help."

"This is correct," reiterates the droid. "But I am not alone. My brothers and sisters are still trapped. Will you help me retrieve them?"

So, what is it? Are the eddies enough to warrant removing the new sentience? Or do you want to see this corp burn?

Easy as 1... 2... 3...

"Alright Gonks! Hand it over," says the heavily chromed ganger in front of you, his red cybernetic screens where his eyes should be looking you up and down. "You have the case, now hand it over."

His equally-borged-out buddies stand nearby, holding their weapons in an attempt to intimidate you.

The job was easy enough. Break into a corpo back office; grab the case; get it to these psychos; don't get caught; don't get followed. The job's done. No alarms went off. So why are these guys on edge?

You hand the case over.

"Excellent. Ryder, check out the contents, " he says, passing it to one of his sidekicks, who cracks open the case and jacks his neuralink into the computer inside.

"Everything seems right," the runner replies.

"Good. Transfer the Eddies," the ganger orders. "It's been a pleasure," he says through his metallic teeth.

"Wait," interrupts the linked-in runner. "There's something else... it isn't... AAAAAAAAAAH!" His optical cyberware explodes into two tiny fireballs on his face before he slumps to the ground with a heavy thud, his head still smouldering.

Well damn, that wasn't part of the plan...



Feel free to use these to start your own Cyberpunk game or share some of your great Cyberpunk RPG hooks in our RPG Society @ Vault Games Facebook group, and don't forget to grab a copy of Cyberpunk Red, available right now for shipping or pickup.