Get rollin! 4 Dice-Chuckers to pull out this weekend

What better is there than to roll some dice and play some games with your friends and family? But, what if they're not as deep into the strategic long-form games your routinely play at your gaming club? Well, that's where a bit of luck can make a game much more accessible. So here's a list of easy dice-rolling games that are a lot of fun for old-hands and newcomers alike.

Sushi Roll

Based on the best-selling and fan favourite Sushi Go, Sushi Roll takes the mechanic of drafting your sushi platters, and adds in dice. Just like Sushi Go, you'll be hunting for matching sushi elements and you do that by picking one dice off your conveyor belt board and then passing your conveyor belt and remaining dice to the player to your left, ending the round and triggering scoring once all the dice one everyone's conveyor belts are used. The game is played over 3 rounds and the player with the most points wins.

There's not a lot new to this game, but that's not a bad thing. This game feels like the next step after Sushi Go and can easily find a place at your table with family and friends looking for a quick game that can be picked up and played.

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Roll Player

We've brought Roll Player up before and, with a bunch of standalone games arriving recently, we're gonna bring it up again. Roll Player is fun.

In Roll Player, you build a fantasy RPG character. You don't play with that character though. This whole game is about creating a character. At the start of each round, a starting player rolls some dice from the dice bag, and places them in the center of the table. Players then take turns selecting one of those dice, and adding it to their character board, triggering the characteristic ability they place the dice on, and activating any skills or equipment they have acquired over the game. There's also Classes that give you points for matching colours and developing your Characteristics to certain value ranges, Backgrounds for certain layout placement, and even Alignments that move via your skill activation that can earn or lose you points based on where you end up at the end of the game.

What seems like a simple dice placement game, ends up with a significant amount of depth as you try to chain together your skill activations and alignment movement to maximise your points at the end of the game. The Monsters & Minions expansion also forces the you to gather information about the monstrous threat looming, and prepare for a final showdown against the beast

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King of Tokyo

The undisputed king of dice chucking (get it?), King of Tokyo is the quintessential dice-thrower that has a place in anyone's library. Each player takes control of a Kaiju, hellbent on taking down their competitors and claiming ownership of the beleaguered metropolis of Tokyo. Each turn, you roll a set of dice, rerolling your choice of dice a few times, and then resolving what the faces say. Some can earn you points, others can heal you from damage, earn you energy that you can spend to power up your Kaiju with new abilities, or attack everyone either in Tokyo if you're outside, or outside of Tokyo if you're in. The last player standing, or the first to 20 points wins.

This game is gloriously simple and a lot of fun, particularly with newer or younger gamers. And, with the new Limited Black Edition dropping early 2020 that adds a wickedness mechanic, there's no excuse for not having this on your shelf.

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Herbaceous Sprouts

Herbaceous Sprouts may be the most complex game on this list, but is definitely one that should not be overlooked. Like Roll Player above, you'll be selecting dice that have been rolled by a starting player on your turn, but you will also be drafting them from ability cards that allow you to perform a special action as well. You then use those dice to determine what you can do, and where you can plant your herbs and flowers in the community garden and earn victory points.

On the surface, it appears to be a simple dice selection/drafting game, but there is some significant depth to the strategies behind your selection and how you push your luck with the abilities to control the different garden zones.

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