Getting started in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar... 3 steps to plan your army

It's a new year so it's time for a new army right? Or you have that leftover Christmas money and are interested in getting involved with one of the greatest miniature games in the world? Well, there's a lot involved with picking your what army you want to build next, so, to avoid the decision paralysis, here's some things to help you choose.

1. Don't worry about being competitive

Sure, there are competitive Age of Sigmar lists out there, and at the moment, it mostly centers around the Cities of Sigmar faction, but if you're just starting in the game, or looking to pick up games with friends and have some fun, what army you get doesn't really matter. Unless your opponent is playing competitively too, you don't really have a reason to intricately build your list. So, rest assured that, in general, armies play nice together amongst inexperienced players.

If you're looking for guidance on how to build your army's roster, grab yourself a Battletome and check out the Warscroll Battallions section. These give you access to special rules based on the units you include in your army, and are great blueprints to build your first army around.

2. Have a read of the Rules

You don't need to be a master of the rulebook, but having an idea of the rules can help you decide how you want to play and what basics you need to get for your army. Age of Sigmar's website has some handy videos to give you the run down on the gameplay.

3. Find the army that appeals to you, thematically or strategically

Age of Sigmar is overflowing with a rich tapestry of lore and characters that can influence your decision to play an army. Want to field an army of ancient heroes reborn to protect the downtrodden? Sounds like you want to look at Stormcast. Does chittering below the surface before overwhelming the unsuspecting dwellers of the overworld with your lightning-infused weapons or pestilence-ridden hordes? Then the Skaven may be the army that beckons you. Just want to break stuff? Then its Orruks all the way.

If you want to get really invested in your army, take the time to check out the lore behind the factions ( does a nice breakdown of the factions), and take a peek at the models available on Games Workshop.

Bonus Step - Building your army around a theme

This isn't typically something I'd recommend straight off for someone starting out in the hobby, as the Games Workshop Youtube Channel has some great tutorials to show you how to paint the standard colour designs for your army. But, if you feel like taking on a challenge and want to throw something different on the table, you can try building your army with a theme. Here's a few ideas to help:

  • Using Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, and Agrax Earthshade to create a bog-rusted Maggotkin of Nurgle
  • Bashing together Gloomspite Gitz or Goblin bits and Kharadron Overlord models to create a goblin-tinkerer style aetherpunk army
  • Using single-point lighting and glow techniques to create an army of obsidian Fyreslayers powered by molten centers
  • Using bits from Warhammer: 40,000 Space Wolves to create a Norsca Viking Slaves to Darkness army
  • Creating an army of ghostly nightmares using a simple two-tone black and white palette with glowing red eyes on a Night Haunt army.

Interested in joining us for our upcoming Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Army Builder Challenge? It kicks off at the start of March and will run for 3 months as everyone builds a 1500pt Age of Sigmar army, culminating in a tournament and a vote for best painted army and model. To keep up to date, join our Facebook Group Miniatures @ Vault Games.

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