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International Tabletop Day and Briscon 2017
Thursday , 04 May 2017 , 08 : 53 PM


What a wonderful International Tabletop Weekend we had! Vault was in attendance for the renewed Briscon, which made its comeback in 2016 with glorious vigour, and that spirit continued on into 2017.

Vault was there in the thick of the miniature action. We marvelled at the detail and precision that had gone into all the amazing miniatures and terrain that graced the competition floor. We had our own fun, however! Saturday 29th of April, 2017 was International Tabletop Day! We decide to celebrate all weekend with tournaments and giveaways, both at the Briscon Convention and in-store.


Saturday featured Splendor and 7 Wonders tournaments, and boy were they exciting! Congrats to Steve, who blitzed his competition with two amazing 19-point winning games of Splendor, taking out the top prize of Splendor promos and replacement Splendor gems. 7 Wonders was a close match up, with many players tied in their first game, which made for a crazy 2nd playoff! Matt took out the win however, and scored a Vault voucher and some special Tabletop Day promos to enjoy.

Saturday in-store was filled with table-toppers, leading into a yummy evening of Board Games & Burgers…well, in this case, cheesy melts! Yes, Melt Brothers helped us out by catering our Saturday night with yummy selections from their delectable menu. We had lucky door prizes galore, with a few lucky patrons walking away with Tabletop Day promos.


Sunday was full steam ahead! Back again at Briscon, we hosted a Ticket to Ride tournament. Everyone knows Ticket to Ride brings out the best in people, right? Well Glenn showed everyone who’s boss, and chugged his way to a compelling victory (closely followed by his prodigy daughter – a formidable player herself – looks like she learns from the best!). Glenn nabbed himself a voucher and some Tabletop Day promos to enjoy as well.

Vault would like to thank everyone that attended Briscon, and enjoyed the space we provided. We are keen to see you next year! Special thanks to Mark, Fraser and Paul, as well, who took care of us throughout the weekend, ensuring everything went smoothly. Also shout out to Jess, Matt, and Ben, our trusty volunteers who helped Cassie and Jennah run the Tabletop Zone. We hope everyone across Australia (and the world) had a wonderful International Tabletop Day as well. We can’t wait to play more games!

Give us your say! Would you be interested in tournaments held in store? What games would you want to see played?