Jennah and Cassie are at Melbourne Toy Fair! Here's what we're excited for.

It's been an exciting couple of days for Jennah and Cassie as they traveled down to Melbourne for the annual Toy Fair. They've been meeting with suppliers and checking out the new hotness. Here's what they've reported back with and we're really excited to have these available for you to preorder right now!

Everlasting Wet Palette by Red Grass Games

Now this is a product I can get behind! Too long have I too been using the ghetto-version of a Wet Palette with Baking Paper and a Chux. Never more! The Everlasting Wet Palette from Red Grass Games is coming to Vault. This bad boy comes with two hydration foams, fifty sheets, and a special magnetic "Wavy" to hold your diluted paints and shades.

If you're a die-hard miniatures painter and are not excited about this, what's wrong with you?!

Warlock Modular Dungeon Tiles

 There's been many kickstarters for different modular terrain sets, but finally, a set is coming to retail. WizKids, the creators of the amazingly-detailed and ever popular Deep Cuts Pathfinder and Nolzur's Dungeons & Dragons minis is release a set of interlocking modular terrain tiles to bring your games to life on table.

With a range of different shaped walls, floor tiles (which are double-sided with wood on one side and stone on the other, meaning it can be used for both buildings or crypts), and various dungeon accoutrement, this set will be a must-have for any dungeon master wanting to take their game to the extreme. We can't wait to have these in-store in Q3 this year.


Looking like a "Bop It with Friends" party game, Heist  takes a very simple concept of passing tools around the table and pressing a button when requested, and twisting it into a high-pressure race to secure the gold in the vault.

Each player starts by picking a role, and, once setting the level, the game is on to ensure the right people have the right tools at the right time to perform the task the box screams at you. This game can get intense and the publishers have even hinted at a special competition in the near future that can land you a real-world score (we'll publish deets once we get them).

King of Tokyo: Dark Edition

We finally got a peek inside of the upcoming King of Tokyo: Dark Edition and we are not disappointed. Every monster has been given a wonderfully dark artistic overhaul to fit with the theme, and even the power deck has been completely updated with the new look.

And with the new Wickedness mechanics makes KoT so much more than just a dice-chucker. We can't wait to get this to the table at home.

Flesh and Blood

Look, we've tried other Trading Card Games in the store before and Magic: The Gathering has always been the one that sticks, but that may change with this new card game from our friends across the ditch.

Flesh and Blood is a two-player competitive card game, similar to MtG or Yugioh, but with a little twist on resources used to perform your actions.Each player takes control of a hero, with gear and abilities set out at the start of the game, along with a deck of actions. Each player then takes turns performing an attack into a central combat chain, paying the cost of a card, and resolving any effects, which may include dealing damage, or performing another action. The catch to it all, is you need cards in your hand to pay for the actions (something called 'pitching') as well as acting in defense. You always need to balance out what you use on another player's turn, so you can still get some hits in on yours.

We'll have the debut Welcome To Rathe set in store shortly, and the upcoming Arcane Rising set once it release. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for any announcement regarding in-store events.

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