Mork Borg

Explore a world breathing out its last breath, the end times have been prophesied and you must decide how to spend your finite time on this earth. Will you desperately attempt to stop an apocalypse designed to occur or will you accept the death of this place, spending your remaining days benefiting yourself however you can. Morkborg is a D20 system familiar to those that have played D&D 5e but with the twist that the DM doesn’t roll any dice! Light on rules but heavy on the doom metal vibes that infest the pages of this dark tome.

“Morkborg is easy to learn and play, with character creation only taking a few minutes to get right into the action. Since the DM doesn't need to roll any dice, they can just focus on the narrative and the light rules keeps the game going when unexpected player choices occur.” – Jamin

Alien RPG

An accessible multiple d6 system with 2 modes of play: Cinematic and Campaign. The cinematic mode lets you jump straight into a space horror film, with objective driven short-term goals used to drive narrative and character conflict. While the Campaign system builds the bonds between crewmates in a long form system. The core mechanic of Alien is the dynamic system of stress which gives you more dice for your tests, pushing your character to their limits while running at peak performance, but rolling a one on these added stress dice risks panicking your character and breaking your crew.

“Alien RPG invokes an iconic setting that captures the horror of the unknown without sacrificing player engagement.” – Jason

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu RPG

Cosmic gods far beyond human comprehension slumber among the stars, only a ritual away from being awoken and consuming the world. It is up to you to take the role of intrepid investigators attempting to stop this from occurring, ranging from gumshoe detectives to gun toting gangsters, occult antiquarians and out of their depth receptionists, all plunging deep into uncovering the eldritch truth in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable. Call of Cthulhu uses as D100 percentile system where players need to investigate and uncover forbidden secrets and sinister plots, all while trying to keep their body and mind intact from deranged cultists, hybrid spawns, indescribable abominations and perhaps even T̸́͘h̶̎̅e̴̐̀ ̴̀̕S̸̒͆l̴͋̈́ẽ̶̂e̴̾͛p̴͊̕e̴̾͒r̶̛͠ ̶̈̀o̷͋̀ḟ̸͛ ̵̓͊R̸̿͋'̵̆̃ĺ̶̇y̶̛̎e̵͑͠ḣ̸͘

“Call of Cthulhu allows players to unravel mysteries though uncovering secrets and clues on what is happening and how they can stop it. It's great for players that love investigating and social interactions with a sprinkle of deadly combat.” – Jamin

Blades in the Dark

A fast and dirty 3-tiered d6 system having full successes on 6s and partial successes with narrative consequences on 4s and 5s. Play a criminal in a dark Victorian style city called Duskwall. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where giant fences of lightning powered by demon blood keep the monsters at bay, and you and your crew do whatever you have too to survive.

“Blades in the Dark provides a fantastic mechanical vehicle which encourages player/game-master cooperation to craft an engaging heist narrative.” – Jason


Experience the Mortal Realms like you never have before! Set in the popular Age of Sigmar universe by Games Workshop, players serve in the forces of Order as those soul bound to Sigmar himself, fighting back against the corrupting warriors of Chaos, the neverending ranks of Death and the brutally cunning (and cunningly brutal) forces of Destruction. Soulbound uses a D6 Pool system that is easy to learn and helps replicate the ‘fist full of dice’ feeling found in the Age of Sigmar tabletop wargame. While the corebook focuses on the players taking the roles of Stormcast Eternals, Sylvaneth, Duardin, Aelfs and Humans, supplements allow for the other Order races to be playable, and soon you will be able to serve in the deathless legions of Nagash or the warring tribes of Destruction.

“Soulbound allows players to engage in the world of Age of Sigmar in a more narrative format than the tabletop wargame. It also helps capture the power of being a mighty hero of Sigmar, cutting through swathes of ghouls, squads of armoured Blightkings and even a Mega Grgant if they feel so brave.” – Jamin

Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures

A delightful 5e modded system invoking Redwall, Farthing Wood, and Wind in the Willows. Take the role of anthropomorphised dogs and cats in this beginner friendly romp, which can be adjusted with ease to fit any narrative tone or playstyle. Ideal for newcomers and families the setting lends itself to the fantastical and invokes light, low-consequence adventuring, building on the core elements of 5th edition D&D.

“Animal Adventures combines DND with classical children's stories and cute animals.”– Jason