Star Wars: Unlimited is just a month away, and there’s one thing left to cover, the collecting. Just like any trading card game, Fantasy Flight Games has ensured there is a collectability aspect so that you can bling out your deck with fancy foils, or find something ultra-rare and exciting in any boosters you crack. Without further ado, here’s a breakdown of the different card variants, and what to expect when you open a booster.


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NOTE: You may notice a little code at the end of the title of a card that says SOR# then a three-digit number. This is so you can easily search the cards we’re talking about in card databases. The SOR is the set code for Spark of Rebellion (the first set releasing in March 2024) and the three digits is the Collector Number for that card.

What to Expect in Boosters

Firstly, there are four different rarities to cards found in booster packs that reflect how often you are going to find them. These are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary.

Common cards, obviously, are the most common cards you’ll find. Each 16 card booster will include nine of these.

Uncommon cards are the next rarest, less frequent than common cards but much more frequent than Rare or Legendary cards. Each 16 card booster will include three of these. If you get a Hyperspace Variant Rare or Legendary, it will be found in this spot, replacing one of the uncommons.

Rare cards are the second-rarest of cards, and Legendary cards are the rarest. Each 16 card booster will include at least one Rare or Legendary card in the dedicated Rare/Legendary slot. There is a chance of finding one of the four Rare BASES in this slot.

So, out of the 16 possible cards in a booster, we have now accounted for 13 of them. What about the other three? Well, every booster will include one LEADER and one common BASE card. As some LEADER cards are Rare, the chances of a RARE appearing in either of those slots are less than if those cards are Common (so it’s more likely that your LEADER slot will be Director Krennic, Aspiring to Authority (SOR#001) than Han Solo, Audacious Smuggler (SOR#017)).

The last slot in the 16-card booster is dedicated to a Foil variant. Any card can be a Foil, so that means there’s a chance of a bonus Rare or Legendary.

What are the Different Card Variants?

That’s right, there’s more than just the standard cards to collect in Star Wars: Unlimited, but a few different and rarer variants. As mentioned above, the most common alternate variant will be Foil cards. Every pack comes with one, and it can be of any card from the set (though I’m not entirely sure yet if it can also be a LEADER or BASE… I’ll guess we’ll see in a month once we start cracking packs).

The next variant however, is called Hyperspace. As shown above, this is a borderless variant of a card featuring hyperspace lines around the edge. Any card can be a Hyperspace variant, including LEADERS or BASES, and even Foil cards. So that means for every card in the set, there is at least a Regular Non-Foil, a Regular Foil, a Hyperspace Non-Foil, and a Hyperspace Foil variant to collect.There is no gameplay difference between Regular and Hyperspace variants of cards, it’s purely aesthetic.

Finally, there is the rarest variant of them all and it’s exclusive to LEADER cards. It is the Showcase Borderless. This variant features a border-free, alternate art version of a LEADER. They’re tough to find but luckily, you only need one per deck, so make sure you hunt for your favourite one.

Never Tell Me the Odds!

Too bad Han, I’m gonna tell you anyway. How else are you going to know just how many packs you need to open for a chance at that Showcase Borderless version of Cassian Andor, Dedicated to the Rebellion (SOR#013)? Well, here’s the full breakdown*…

  • Foil: 1 per pack (C/U/R/L)
  • Legendary: ~1 per 8 packs
  • Hyperspace: ~ 2 per 3 packs
  • Hyperspace Rare/Legendary: ~1 per 15 packs
  • Foil Hyperspace Rare/Legendary: ~1 per 50 packs
  • Showcase Borderless: ~1 per 12 boxes

*Remember, these are just the ODDS of opening one of these variants. Don’t fall for the Gambler’s Fallacy and assume that because you bought two cases, you’re sure to get a Showcase Borderless LEADER.

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