Store Update: We're moving systems again!

Hey Vaulters,

Just a quick update today to let you know about an impending shut down of the online store over this coming weekend as we shift systems…. Again.

The long story: Last August, after working on plans over three months, we finally made the jump to a new system called Neto. Why did we do it? Well, it allowed us to better track what stock we had and how much it cost, and ultimately allowed us to make better decisions for the business moving forward.

Well, 3 weeks ago, we got hit with a cheeky little surprise by this system that they would be increasing our monthly price by about 80%. Looking down the barrel of approximately too much a month just to have an online version of the store that didn't work exactly how we needed it to, we decided we needed to change again.

So, this week, we're changing again. We're moving back to Shopify (the old platform) but we're bolting on a lot of new features to make the system work better for us, as well as updating the theme.

So, let's get to a few questions you may be asking...

What about my order/orders?

If you have an order outstanding with us, it will, of course, still be outstanding. We can't guarantee that the order will appear on your customer account straight away as a lot is happening very fast behind the scenes here and we are really trying to move this data as fast and securely as we can. As for dispatched orders, we will only be monitoring orders from the last 3 weeks that are dispatched and not confirmed delivered so that we can still keep track of them. All other orders will be kept in secure data files in case we need them for auditing purposes.

I have a preorder for X! Is it still preordered?

Yes. See above.

But I have a backordered product that's waiting to be delivered?

Yes. Again, see above.

Do I need to make an account again?

Short answer… I don't know. Long answer… like I said above, we're moving a lot of things behind the scenes to get it all together in time for the switch so we will do our best to transfer current customer accounts across. If we do manage to do this, it will require you to make a new password though, as we won't be transferring passwords across.

What about the changes you implemented like Bundles and Time Frame information in the shopping cart?

We're still going to be doing that with the switch. In fact, I'm in the middle of implementing the code we need to show it right now.

When's Wingspan coming back in stock?

Ok… wow… unrelated to the current situation but sure. We're expecting the second printing to arrive some time in May.

But I still have questions and you didn't answer them here?

Well then reach out to us on our Contact page.