You’ve heard of miniatures I’m sure - the tiny little guys you run around your table, masquerading as Mindflayers and dragons, or filling the role of hero as they battle the dice and odds of survival. There are plenty of different varieties, some painted and some unpainted, but newly released are the Wizkid Framework miniatures! Let's explore what's so exciting and what you can do with them…

Uniquely Building your Character

One of the most exciting parts of  Framework minis is the ability to fully customise your character. Framework miniatures come with alternative heads and expressions, hands and accessories appropriate for their class, which give lots of different ways to style them. Will your Druid have antlers and an owl perched upon their hand, or clutch a staff and dagger, helmet obscuring their features? It's all up for you to decide!

High Level of Detail

The quality plastic used in these miniatures means they have a great level of detail and durability. The cloaks, armour and daintily modelled accessories are a delight to see, and help to bring these minis to life! They are also easily assembled as each individual piece is numbered, so even novices can feel confident in their ability to create their perfect hero (or villain!)

Snipping them out of the sprue…

There are few things as enjoyable as the snip-snip of removing the little plastic pieces of your mini from the spru they come in. The great thing as well is you can paint pieces unassembled, giving you plenty of angles to get into the nooks and crannies of the details.

All in all, the Framework miniatures are an exciting new way to bring life to your tabletop games, and I can’t wait to paint a few myself!

Check out the range right now by clicking here.