Why we're excited for Unsanctioned!

The next Un-set is on its way and, while it's not a full Un-set liked the three before it, there's some great new cards and interesting elements that create the standout ridiculous experience you've come to know and love about Magic's Un products. And here's why we're excited for the new Unsanctioned product landing on 28 February.

Deck Construction is just like Smash Up

Unlike the sets before it, Unsanctioned consists of five preconstructed thirty-card half-decks, one for each colour, that you can choose two of before you begin, to shuffle together and become your deck, giving you ten possible combinations right out of the box. Who knows, it may inspire you to grab some more cards a build your own thirty card half-decks to add into the possibilities. There's plenty of other Un cards to choose from.

There's an Acorn Stash

I'm sure we all remember how fun Energy during the Kaladesh block was right? Well, Magic is bringing back uninteractable resources in the form of Acorns!

The new Acornelia, Fashionable Filcher card adds acorns to your stash whenever you play a card with a squirrel in the art. Now there's even more of a reason to load those squirrels into your deck and dig up that Earl of Squirrel from 2017's Unstable to build your perfect Black and Green Squirrel concoction. And don't worry about not being able to interact with it, it's an Un-set... everything is broken!

New Legendaries for your home Commander games

Mark Rosewater (the lead designer) told Cracked.com recently that Unsanction was made with kitchen-table Commander in mind. With ten legendary creatures, both new and reprinted from Unhinged and Unglued, you'll be able to get some ridiculously werd and wonderful commanders to the table. I'm down for Alexander Clamilton myself.

Oh... and it's fun

It never takes itself seriously.

Magic: Unsanctioned releases Friday 28 February 2020. Don't miss out and preorder your copy of Magic: Unsanctioned today right here.

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