Why you should play Fog Of Love: The Tragedy of the Romantic Comedy

The dreaded Day of Love is drawing near, and as it does, it’s time to contemplate one of Life’s big questions: “Who should I play Fog of Love with this Valentine’s Day?” Whether you’ve never played it, or you’re a veteran of heartbreak, you now have in your possession just what you need to best answer this essential, character-defining query.

This deceptively sweet board game takes about fifteen minutes to figure out. Players create a “couple” - two partners with unique physical attributes, careers, and character traits. You should make sure the characters you create are not too similar to yourselves as this makes roleplaying the relationship - and potential ensuing betrayals - much more comfortable and enjoyable for both players. The box includes a handy little rulebook, set up guide, and several different story options, including a recommended starter scenario.

Fog of Love is played in stages, called Chapters; each of which require the couple to navigate a number of different “events” together, making hidden choices in the pursuit of their Destinies, their personal end-goals. These events have three categories: Sweet, Serious, and Dramatic. Throughout each of these event decks is a liberal sprinkling of cheeky little “Secrets”, designed to throw a spanner into the works of even the most stable “relationship.”

Events are used to further your goals within the relationship - be they shared happiness, fulfillment of personal values, or something else altogether. Once all of your scenario’s Chapters are complete, players reveal any remaining Secrets, check to see what goals they’ve completed, count happiness, and try to fulfill their chosen Destiny.

It’s at this point that players discover just how devious this game is. It masquerades as a team game, while giving players completely perpendicular objectives. Suddenly, all the stupid things your significant other has been doing make sense. You’ve been pitted against each other all along, you just didn’t know it! The people who designed this game are sick!

… Want to try again?

For Your Friends:

Fog of Love is a great game to play with a friend. You may argue with them for a week afterward, but it’s an absolute blast, and definitely something you’ll both want to play again.

It’s a lot of fun choosing silly physical attributes to give each other, and after you’ve played the expansions, you can sabotage each other for an added layer of mischief and fun.

The roleplay element of the game makes it perfect for an afternoon of just being silly, be it through melodramatics, wild accents, or the interesting idiosyncrasies you give your character.

For Your Acquaintances:

Fog of Love is a hilarious ice breaker. The way the game is built makes sure you don’t get too many of the same cards on replays, so it’s good for a couple of rounds of unconventional “getting to know you,” without much of the tedium typically attached to such a task. 

For Your Partner(s):

At first blush, playing this game with your partner seems like a great idea. A game about love, with someone you love? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, dear reader, that depends on you. In order to avoid unnecessary frustration while playing, it is essential for players to remember that Fog of Love is to be viewed as a comedy; nothing more. This game is not an accurate barometer for  the state of your relationship, or the ethics and morals of your teammate. It’s worth keeping in mind that most people will lose this game the first few times. The goal of this game; the Destiny we should all strive for, is to have fun ruining a relationship, with your fellow player at your side.

Vault Games does not advise playing this with a competitive partner, nor do they take any responsibility for any bodily or relational harm incurred as a result of playing Fog of Love.

Haven't got your copy of Fog of Love yet? Pick it up here. And you can check out our playthroughs on our YouTube channel by clicking here.