Organised Play Commissioner (O.P.C.) Program

Want to see your favourite game run here at Vault Games? We do too, and that's where you come in. If you have a game that you would like to run as Organised Play in the store (i.e. Keyforge, A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game, Age of Sigmar: Champions, etc), you can run those regular events and be rewarded for it.

What are our expectations of an Organised Play Commissioner (O.P.C.)?
Vault Games will have a high expectation for you to ensure each and every event is the best experience possible for the players. As an O.P.C. you are expected to:

  • Notify Vault Games of the cancellation of an event no sooner than 24 hours prior to an event start, unless in an emergency.
  • Wear closed-in shoes and non-offensive clothing when running the event(s).
  • Communicate with Vault Games if any issues or concerns arise so they can be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Present themselves in a professional nature when interacting with Vault Games customers either in person, or online.
  • Promote the event through their networks, as well as provide content for Vault Games to promote the event with (event photos, event information, pricing and prize structure, etc).
  • Provide a budget and expected ticket price for the event (including, but not limited to, prize costs and event materials).


What can an O.P.C. expect from Vault Games?
The O.P.C. program is a two-way street. So, if involved, you can expect:

  • A 20% discount on any and all products related to the event (i.e. if you are running a Game of Thrones: The Card Game event, then all Game of Thrones: The Card Game products and accessories will be 20% off for you) as long as the event is running.
  • To be dealt with in a courteous and professional nature by all Vault Games team members and customers.
  • Quick and clear communication regarding any changes required for the event, or with the store’s trading (i.e. public holidays, unique events).
  • A one-on-one meeting with a Vault Games Store Manager each month or quarter (depending on the frequency of the event) to asses the event’s quality and growth potential.
  • Assistance from Vault Games’ marketing in producing promotional assets, provided the event's information is given in a timely manner.
  • Official Organised Play kits (if requested in time and deemed adequate upon consultation with a Vault Games Store Manager).


We hope you will join us in becoming an O.P.C. To sign up, fill out the form here.