3 Different settings for your next Dungeons & Dragons campaign

The roleplaying juggernaut of Dungeons & Dragons sure isn't going away any time soon, and, if you're an old hand at the game, sometimes you need to break the mould and sprinkle a different flavour into your campaigns, here's some great books that can change it up.

Cthulhu Mythos by Sandy Peterson

Cthulhu Mythos by Sandy Peterson

Three words... Brain Cylinder Familiars. But seriously, the Cthulhu Mythos is a rich lore to draw from, and while the Call of Cthulhu system can present you with a great option for Lovecraftian horror in a real-world environment, if you know and love Dungeons & Dragons 5E and want to bring horror, madness, and the strange skill of Yog-Sothothery, into a fantasy environment, this is the sourcebook for you.

With a range of new races, including a multi-dimensional cat, and class options that include updates for current player choices, the Cthulhu Mythos book provides an interesting new option for your campaigns.

Magic: The Gathering Planes

Are you a fan of Wizard of the Coast's other big property, Magic: the Gathering? You can bring your Dungeons & Dragons into the multi-planar universe with the Planeshift series. Looking for an Aetherpunk world under the yoke of a formidable elite? Planeshift: Kaladesh is the one for you. Want a world of high adventure with an otherworldly threat slowly consuming all? Planeshift: Zendikar will do the job. If you want to play a game in the fantasy melting pot of Ravnica, you can always pick up the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica that provides a raft of player races, classes, and backgrounds that fit into this wild and rich setting.

Critical Role's Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

With the Tal'Dorei campaign setting doing so well, and Critical Role knocking it out of the park with their Vox Machina Kickstarter, it was guaranteed that you would see more from Matthew Mercer and his never-ending creativity. Enter the new Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

One of the biggest additions to the game with Wildemount is the new magic school of Dunamancy. If you've ever wanted to manipulate gravity, time, and probability, this new collection of spells will prove a strong addition to your wizarding arsenal. 

Oh, and it is also a guide to running your very own campaign in the same world as Critical Role's season 2.

The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount releases 17 March and is now available for preorder. Don't miss out and reserve your copy today.