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An Important Update Regarding The Broken Token
Thursday , 05 October 2017 , 05 : 12 PM

Hi there Vaulters,

I'm here with an update regarding The Broken Token product range that we stock. Since we opened Vault in 2014, we have always focused on getting producs we love to you, and we have absolutely loved everything The Broken Token has produced and provided to the world of gaming.

Since Pedro first introduced me to The Broken Token organisers while showing off his Android: Netrunner collection, I have chosen no other organiser to keep my games in check. In fact, there are games in our library here at the store that would not be playable today if it wasn't for the organisers we used in them (Lords of Waterdeep... I'm looking at you). We even got Pedro to write a whole article on how to keep your games in top condition using the organisers.

In saying that, this morning we received an email from The Broken Token part of which you can find below:

To Our Valued Wholesale Partners -

Since 2013, we at The Broken Token have been pouring our hearts and souls into the fun task of bringing organization and joy to the boardgaming world. It’s been a labor of love, and so amazing to watch a garage/hobby business turn into a real thriving business. Demand for our product has grown year over year, and we’ve been working hard to increase our production capacity to meet that demand by adding more equipment and personnel.

However, as you, our valued retail and distribution partners have experienced over the past several months, continuing to keep pace with demand has been an increasingly challenging task, causing us to present you with longer and longer lead times for fulfillment. This has led us to do a lot of analysis and soul searching on how to resolve the challenge of satisfying our customers, both direct and retail, while maintaining our promises as a brand.

As a fellow small business, we hope you will understand that the decision we came to was made with hours of deliberation, consulting with trusted business associates, and with the best intentions of keeping our business healthy and our hard-working team gainfully employed. Therefore it is with a heavy heart that we must suspend all wholesale sales at this time, in order to keep up with demand and maintain our brand integrity.

We all want to thank you sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, for putting your faith in our business and products, and coming along on this journey with us. We wish you all the best with your business, and we promise to continue supporting friendly local game stores.

Where does that leave us?

At the moment, we're currently talking with Broken Token about what we can do to fulfil outstanding orders but, until a decision is made with them, we have ceased taking orders for out-of-stock Broken Token products.

Wait, I have an order for a Broken Token product!

If you currently have an order for Broken Token products, please be patient, as we do have an order already on its way to us from the US, so your products may not be caught up in this decision. Once that has been processed next week, and we have finished talking with Broken Token, we'll be contacting everyone with outstanding orders individually.

What about Broken Token products now?

We still have some Broken Token stock available and you are able to order it from here. Any other organisers will be discontinued until further notice.

What about future game organiser products?

This is something we're still discussing as a team and with The Broken Token. We don't yet know where we will end up with those talks but we will be sure to let you know as soon as a decision has been made. We are looking at other avenues in case we are unable to source these great products from The Broken Token but, whatever alternative we do source will be of comparable quality.

Thanks so much, and, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on the Contact Us page here on the site or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.