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Cassie's Top 5 Games Played in 2016
Wednesday , 11 January 2017 , 11 : 29 PM

Hey, Cassie here, to let you know some of my fave games of the past year. And what a year it has been for gaming! We've had a few changes, both in the greater tabletop world, and of course closer to home with the exciting opening of our store in Brisbane. It has definitely been a big highlight over the last few months, and as Dylan mentioned, we're excited to keep on going into 2017!

So, without further adieu, here are my top games from last year (in no particular order): 

7 Wonders Duel

One of the best 2-player games to come out of last year, 7 Wonders Duel is a fantastic strategy game that really builds on the existing 7 Wonders theme. In it, you still have to build your wonders and outsmart your opponent, but the new (and clever) mechanics keep you coming back for more. Being 2 players, there isn’t as much drafting, rather a display of cards that players work through (and they are laid out in pyramid form – true to theme). One of the best things that I enjoy about this game is the fact that you may immediately end the game through either a military or scientific victory. While exciting, for sure, it doesn’t mean they are an easy victory! I also like that this game challenges you to keep coming back for more and besting your opponent by trialing a bunch of different strategies. I have played this game so many times over the past year and the majority of games have only been decided by a few points or by a card decision or two. Be sure to give this one a go!

Sushi Go Party!

The beloved Sushi Go is always a winner as a game to teach new or beginner board gamers as it has a fun theme, easy mechanic, and is light on strategy. When I saw the new Party version however, I was stoked! It really adds a lot of replay-ability into the game as you can choose what ingredients to play with – with these new ingredients adding a lot of different and interesting actions to the game. So pour me a cup of green tea, I’m ready to try some edamame and miso soup and top it off with green tea ice cream!


If the Sushi Party wasn’t enough, the party game of Codenames will surely get your board game gathering pumping. Codenames is a team game, where one team-member (or spy-master), has to use single-word clues to get the rest of their team to successfully guess locations (or words) through word-association in the most efficient way possible. An extensive vocabulary isn’t necessary, but it does help in this game! I love this game as it interesting to see how people associate different things and categorise certain words. But it’s also funny to watch spy-masters’ squirm when their team clearly hasn’t picked the correct word! Of course, if words aren’t your thing, I would definitely give Codenames Pictures a go for an interesting spin on this fun game.


This was a popular game for many this year, and it's not hard to see why. The strategy is solid and there is enough randomness to keep you coming back time and time again. The pieces and design of the game are wonderful as well! Those shiny acrylic meeples where the talk of the town with the Vault crew many times this year, (right Dylan?) The artwork is nice as well, and if a game looks good, I think its much more enjoyable to play. In Quadropolis you work towards building a nice city full of parks, apartment blocks, docks and a few other buildings. It is the most efficient architect that comes away with the win, however! Tile-laying games are a favourite of mine, and this fits the bill immensely. 

Potion Explosion

I do enjoy a game that is full of theme! And boy does Potion Explosion have it in spades. The marbles are the main draw here, and they are wonderful to roll around and draw from the large dispenser that you make up when you first pop the pieces. Explosion works by brewing potions and selecting ingredients in the most efficient way possible (you want to create explosions) and thwarting your opponents use of said ingredients. Drinking the potions you brew gives you special abilities to help you with your game, and, as per usual, most points wins! I like this game as its kind of like slipping into potions class at your favourite magic school and getting up to no good! Its pretty simple, and doesn't take too long to play, great for game nights!

 Honourable Mentions: