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Roll on into Vault for Tasty Saturdays!
Thursday , 06 July 2017 , 09 : 13 PM

Every fortnight on Saturday evenings, Vault brings you evenings filled with delicious smells, wonderful tastes, and the gentle hum of laughter and mirth. It's Board Games & Burgers night!

Winner’s announced!

Did you participate in a Board Games & Burgers event sometime this year? If so, and if you wrote down your scores, you may have won a prize! Congratulations to our first winner of the year Ben Wakefield, you have won yourself a $25 voucher to use instore or online at Vault!

Wondering how you can get in on the action? Come along to a Board Games & Burgers event, and if you play games while you’re there, write down what you played. We’ll tally the scores and at the end of the year the person with the most points will be our winner! Can’t make it every fortnight? Not to worry. We’ve listened, and we’re changing up our format. From now on, we’ll take your best 5 scores, and whomever has the most points from those 5 evenings will be our winner.

But wait, there’s more! Simply by showing up on the night you could win, throughout this half of the year, we’re going to have giveaways and lucky door prizes galore! Be sure to check out the Vault Facebook page for updates on what we have on offer.

Thanks to everyone who have come so far, there have been a lot of memories made, and a lot of tasty food! We’d like to thank our burger/food partners who have served up some amazing creations!


Fritzenberger Brisbane

At Fritzenberger we keep it fritzensimple. Our burgers are the classics, rebuilt using chef sourced local ingredients to deliver taste, texture, balance and all the foodie bullshit you want to know is on your plate but are usually too hungry to ask about. It’s all in there. The beef is 100% grass fed and sourced from the Byron Bay Hinterland. The cows are happy enough right up until the end and then they hand us their best chuck and skirt cuts which we mince at a calculated gauge with our secret ingredient: dry aged beef (not so secret now).

That’s the quality foundation of all of our beef burgers that we then house in a soft, squishy milk bun, which is toasted. Depending on the burger you choose, we add hydroponic lettuce, vine ripened tomato, our own house-made pickles (with just the right vinegary, briny bite to them), and if you’re a vegetarian we substitute a panko crumb, swiss cheese-injected fresh field mushroom from the Sunshine Coast.

And then there’s the frites. At Fritzenberger, the frites are not a forgotten side dish. You could be forgiven for thinking they’re the main act because we treat them with the same, possibly even a greater amount of care and invention.

Melt Brothers

Melt Brothers, created by Felix and Justin Kong, is here to realise all your melty cheesy dreams! Inspired by the range of delicious comfort food on offer in New York's alleyways, Felix and Justin wanted to bring back the simple fresh flavours of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches - a long held authentic Australian favourite - and make them a mainstream staple once again (but with a modern twist!!)

Using only the freshest ingredients, Melt Brothers offers a variety of mouth-watering cheesy sandwiches including gluten free and vegan options, some side bites to choose from such as tater-tots and even, extra-cheesy loaded tater-tots if your tastes buds can handle the deliciousness as well as a mouth-watering dessert sandwich that is truly to die for.

There's never been a perfect time to drop by, but remember: it ain't easy being cheesy, but we're here to help!

Red Hook

Red Hook Brisbane

At the forefront of Brisbane’s new and rapidly growing laneway culture. They opened New York inspired eatery and bar, Red Hook, in August 2014. The fast paced venue serves up delectable burgers, tacos, wings and other NYC inspired street food.

Our next Board Games & Burgers runes every fortnight on Saturday nights so see when our next on is at our Facebook Page! Pop on in from 6pm onwards, and get your orders in before 6.30pm to get your eats!