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The Future of Discount Codes
Friday , 18 August 2017 , 11 : 08 AM

Howdy there folks,

Dylan here to give you some information regarding the discount code system here on the store. Over the last 2 years of operation, some of you may have ended up getting your hands on a discount code. This could be because you're a member of one of the community groups we work with; or you may have received one in your inbox; or you could have even pulled one from somewhere on the interwebs (sneaky you...).

Anyway, starting from today, we will no longer be accepting discount codes for preordered products. These discount codes will still work one everything else in store that they already worked on. 

Why take it away from Preorders?

In case you haven't noticed yet, preorders for us have taken on a different form over the last month or so. Rather than just offering you the chance to preorder prior to release, we have started offering a preorder discount to anyone who is comfortable with ordering in advance. You can see some of this in effect right now with Fallout: The Board Game and Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition

Now, throwing a discount code (even one of 5%) onto this already discounted price does eat into the already slim margin that board games offer to retailers so, in order to both stay competitive with other retailers, as well as being able to remain in operation, we've made this step.

What about orders already made?

If you have already made an order with this discount code, we will still be honouring it. This policy change will only be applied to all future orders from here on out.

If you have any questions, please let us know at our contact page.