The online store is changing on August 1

Hey there Vaulters!

Dylan here to give you the low-down on a big change we're making to the online environment here at Vault Games, and how it may affect you.

From August 1, we will be switching our entire commerce system to a new platform. Since starting the online store in 2014, we've been running on a platform called Shopify. While it has served us well, we have outgrown it's usefulness to the business and are moving to a new, Brisbane-based platform called Neto. 

Why the shift?

Because Neto will give us the tools to expand beyond just one online store and one physical store. We have big plans for Vault Games in the coming years and it requires a fair bit of flexibility in our platform.

What will be affected?

Site Functionality

We've done our best to transfer over a lot of the functionality of the Vault Games site but there are a lot of band-aid fixes that were slapped together quickly over the years. Some things may be changed on the new site once it goes live but not to worry, we will be updating any problems as we come across them.

Outstanding Orders

If you have an order outstanding with us, it will be moved over to the new system. The only issue we will face will be refunds. As the new system will not have the same payment tokens from payment gateways like Paypal or Shopify Payments, it will take a little longer to issue refunds for orders made before the switch. Rest assured, refunds will be issued when requested, the time frame just expands by a few days and we may require further information to get it done.

Gift Cards

The shift to a new platform means an entirely new gift card system. Now, the Shopify system is extremely secure when it comes to Gift Cards, meaning we don't have the ability to see full gift card numbers. With not every gift card having been assigned to a customer, we have no way of verifying your gift card unless we're in contact with you. So, here's what we're doing.

Firstly, if you have a gift card that hasn't been used, and it is assigned to a customer account, we will be sending out a new gift card on August 1 electronically to replace the old one. If you received your gift card as a gift from someone, please ensure they forward the email with this new gift card on to you as the old one will no longer work from the changeover date.

Secondly, we will be keeping a record of outstanding gift cards, meaning if you have a gift card that doesn't work, we will be able to find the relevant gift card and reissue it as necessary. 

Discount Codes

Discount Codes that currently work on our online store, will also work on the new platform.

What will the new site offer?


We'll be able to bundle together products to make it easier for you to buy. Want to get a whole cycle of Arkham Horror: The Card Game? Done. Want the entire North Sea Saga for your board game shelf? We can do that too. This process will make it easier for you to get your collection up to date or preordered.

Clearer Time Frame Estimates

An example of the new store's check out

With the new platform, we're able to provide clearer information on the checkout on when things are expected and if your order contains more products than we have on stock.

And much more...

That's all that I can talk about so far. There's so much more we're excited to let you know but it's too early to release to the world. You'll just have to wait and see what the new site looks like in a few weeks time.