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The Store Report - June 2017
Tuesday , 13 June 2017 , 08 : 27 PM


Board Game Brews

This month's Board Game Brews have taken a decidely fantastical flair with inspiration coming from number one RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. Come in this month and warm yourself up with the spicy Fire Elemental, a chilli-infused cappucino dusted with cinnamon for that extra bit, or harden yourself through this winter month with the Earth Elemental, a salted-caramel and vanilla flavoured hot chocolate. Both of these drinks are just $5 and won't be around when July hits.

Draft Through Time

As we make ourselves comfortable being the home of casual Magic shenanigans here in Brisbane, we're launching a special quarterly event called Draft Through Time. Each event will feature an out-of-print set for one night only. Of course, because these sets are out of print, the entry price will change for each event but, if you want to have your say on what sets we draft for Draft Through Time, as well as find out everything happening in the store when it comes to Magic: The Gathering, make sure you join our Facebook Group, Magic @ Vault Games

Our first Draft Through Time will be held on Friday June 30 and the winner of our pool was Return to Ravnica. You can book your spot here, and RSVP on Facebook here.

New to Preorder

Want to stay up to date with what's coming soon? Just looking for somewhere to find the newest games to the store? Now you can. Introducing the New to Preorder section. In this collection, you will be able to see everything we've just added to our preorder area and reserve your copies as soon as possible. Check it out now.

Assembly Required

We've just launched a little something special just for the miniature-lovers out there. Assembly Required, a new podcast brought to you by us here at Vault Games, is all about the small-scale world of miniatures and is presented by myself, and my fellow wargaming-afficianados, Jess and Dom. Each month, a new episode will be uploaded to Soundcloud focusing on a single aspect of the man-dollies obsession we all seem to love so much and this month's episode is all about the soon-to-be-released Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition.

What are you waiting for? Listen now.

Broken Token

We're placing another Broken Token order by the end of this week so if there is anything you want grab, order it now so that it's included in the shipment, otherwise you may be waiting until the end of July at the earliest.

This Month's Library Additions

This month, we've added a wide range of games to the in-store library. You can swing by and play them for free, or hire them in our Library Subscription Service.

Project ELITE is a co-operative, real-time, speed-dice, tactical, tower-defense-like game in which players roll dice with symbols as fast as they can allowing them to do various actions with their character on the game board. They move around shooting and cutting through waves of aliens blocking their advance while at the same time trying to complete objectives that will bring them to victory.

Yamataï is a network-building game where you compete to earn prestige points using different strategies. Clear the different islands of the archipelago to recruit powerful specialists that will assist you, or use the resources carried by the boats that navigate between them to construct buildings on the islands! And, if you’re skilled enough, try creating prestigious buildings such as high temples or rare torii.

Rhino Hero A heroic 3D card-stacking game for 2-5 players. No building too high, no street too dangerous for this caped crusader, as he scales buildings and patrols the city protecting the citizens. On his quest for safety, he must use caution as even the most solid buildings may start to sway and wobble. Can you help Super Rhino accomplish the challenge to build a skyscraper as tall and solid as can be?

What came first, the invention of the toothbrush or the bicycle? What year did the French Revolution start? Plunge into history with Timeline Challenge. Your knowledge of past events and the moments that shaped our world will come in handy in this board game based on the award-winning Timeline series.

Terraforming Mars is a resource-management game for 1-5 players where you control a corporation with a certain profile. Play project cards, build up production, place your cities and green areas on the map, and race for milestones and awards! Will your corporation lead the way into humanity’s new era?

Fury of Dracula is one-versus-many cat and mouse game where a team of investigators race to track down the evil vampire count himself but, the hunted prey may also be preying on his hunters. Any day’s travel might bring the hunters to Dracula’s location. On any night the Count may attack.