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The Store Report - May 2017
Friday , 05 May 2017 , 12 : 44 PM

Hey there Vaulters, 

There's a lot coming up this month so let's get started.

Price Changes

A few months ago, we started an experiment to see what would happen if we raised our prices to RRP. This experiment was born out of the need to marry up our prices with the costs of running a physical location. In the end, we saw no change to the in-store purchasing behaviour. What we did see was a massive change in our online store behaviour, notably, it disappeared. So, to bring it all into balance a little more, we've rejigged our prices again, but this time, they've gone down.

From now on, we will have a reduced price from retail both online and in-store for board games. 

May's Board Game Brews

As always, Board Game Brews are back for another month of nerdy glory. This month's drinks are the Jaffa the Hutt, a choc-orange hot chocolate, and the Chewmocca, a Nutella-based mochaccino. Make sure you swing by before the month is out and these drinks head off into hyperspace.

Broken Token delays

In the recent months, we've experienced quite hefty delays in our communications with Broken Token. I just wanted to assure you that we are doing everything we can to keep these lines open with them but, because they are based in the US, there is some delay in responses. If you are waiting on any Broken Token items, we expect to be caught up with our next order which should arrive in the next 3-4 weeks.

Library Additions

This month, we've added Unfair and Catan: Junior to the in-store library. You can swing by and play them for free, or hire them on the Gold or Silver levels respectively.

Unfair is a tableau-building game for 2-5 players designed by Brisbane's own Joel Finch and published by Good Games Publishing, where you compete with your fellow players to build the best theme park ever. Watch out though, other players can throw down events that can turn your pristine park into a disorganised mess. It can be decidedly... Unfair.

Catan: Junior is all of the settlement fun of Catan simplified for the much younger audience. Instead of trying to settle the island of Catan, you are instead pirates trying to build hideouts and avoid the dreaded Ghost Ship Captain and his foul crew.