Vault Games ceasing events and play space until April

Howdy folks,

Crazy times huh? Well we gotta rip this bandaid anyway...

From Saturday 21 March, Vault Games will be ceasing all scheduled events and closing our in-store play space until April 1. 

The health and safety of you, and our team, is absolutely paramount to us. After all, we're not just a store, we're a community, and we want to make sure everyone in this community will be with us on the other side of this pandemic.

We'll also be updating our trading hours during this period to:

  • Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 7.00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm

The store will still be open for:

  • General retail shopping - Want to buy something? Come on in.
  • Order Pick Ups - Ordered something online? You'll still be able to pick that up.
  • Deliveries & Order Processing - Online orders will still be packed and shipped as normal.
  • Library Service - If you are a library subscriber, we will still be open for you to drop back games and pick up some new ones (and, if you're not a subscriber, by all means, come check it out now before the library gets raided prior to self isolation :P ) - we will also be extending the hire time for the Library service to 3 weeks from today. So, make sure you drop in and get something nice to tide you over.
  • Locker Access - If you have subscribed to a storage locker at the store, you will still be able to access it during opening hours.

What does this mean for everyone else?

Well, that means a few of our regular ongoing leagues will be suspended.

Blood Bowl League: The league will be suspended from now until April 6. Meaning even though we just published the weekly match draw, we're going to be pushing the whole league by 3 weeks.

Army Builder Challenge: This will still run as planned at the current time, though the Sunday painting hangouts will be suspended. I mean, what's better for painting 1500 points worth of minis than a two-week isolation period right?

Mythic Commander Membership: The Mythic Commander Membership will be suspended for 3 weeks, meaning anyone who has subscribed will have their next payment pushed by 3 weeks.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this period. We'll be working on some other things behind the scene to stay engaged with you over this uncertain time. Thank you so much for your support over the last four years, and for your continued support over the next twenty :)

-Dylan, Jennah, Cassie, Josh, Ash, Pippin, Heidi, and Trent.

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