Welcome Vault Community Members to the new Vault.Play Ranking System! Finally, you’ll be able to settle disputes over who genuinely is the better player at the store. Every game you play that’s part of the ranking system can be reported and will affect your score, with the Top 6 being showcased on the Ranking Poster hung in each Vault Games Store.

Without further ado, let’s answer any questions you may have…

How do I Sign Up?

Easy! All you have to do is go to and fill out the form. In that form, you can select the store and the games at that store you want to sign up to. Once submitted, some gizmos in the background will ensure your registration is added to the right place for our team to record.

Don’t worry if you want to sign up to another game later. You can always go back and fill the form out again.

How does it work?

Vault.Play Rankings uses an ELO-style score system that is unique to each game system currently running Vault.Play rankings (meaning your score for Godtear will be different to Age of Sigmar ). Upon signing up to the rankings in a game system, each player is given a score of 1500 and each ranked game has a maximum possible point value towards your rank of 16. When you finish playing a ranked game in-store, see one of our friendly team members to record your game. This updates your ranking straight away by a number of points proportional to the difference between you and your opponent. 

For instance, if you win against a lower-ranked opponent, you’ll earn less points but if you win against someone considerably higher than you, you’ll earn more. The same is inverse for someone who doesn’t win, with a higher difference meaning a higher reduction in your rank. Every week, we’ll update the ranking board in the store with the top six ranked players so you know who to play against for the best shot at increasing your rank.

How do I organise ‘Ranked’ Games?

Simple. Just ask for one. In the relevant Facebook Group, or on the Vault Community Discord server, when asking for a game, let everyone know whether you are looking for a Ranked or Unranked game (or either way if you don’t mind). That way whomever is responding knows the expectations.

Remember, we’ll only record a Ranked game if both opponents agree to it prior to the game, so make sure you set the expectations when organising your opponents.

What games are eligible for ranked play?

The list of current games eligible for ranked play are as follows:

  • Battletech
  • Godtear
  • Kill Team
  • Warcry
  • Warhammer: 40000
  • Age of Sigmar
  • Star Wars: Legion
  • Star Wars: Shatterpoint
  • A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures

If there is a game not listed here, we will have a way for you to petition the inclusion of a new game system in the coming weeks. These games have been chosen because we already have a community, or there is a burgeoning community already growing, in our stores.

What does forming Vault.Play mean? Will there be prizes? What will you use Vault.Play Ranking for?

For the old hands among our community, you may remember the Glory Board for miniatures games that used to hang in the store. Well this is essentially what’s happening, with a different scoring system applied. Each Vault Games store will have its own ranking system and physical ladder poster to display the top six of each game. You’ll be able to see who to chase down for the best chance at increasing your rank (or who you need to beat next on the way to the top)

Currently, there are no tangible prizes or awards around the ranking system. We’re mindful that introducing such a prize may push the system too hard into the competitive realm, so we would prefer to see how the community responds before we think about introducing those kinds of awards.

What we will be introducing though is invitational ranked tournaments. In the coming months, we will start announcing seasonal Vault.Play invitational tournaments that will require a rank score above a certain number to be eligible for an automatic invite. These events, along with the cutoff date for ranking, will be advertised well in advance so you have the opportunity to build your score towards the rank cut off and score an invite, or modify your seeding into that event.

Do all games I play in-store count towards Vault.Play?

No. Games are only recorded if both players agree before playing the game. This way no one is surprised if one player brings a competitive Sisters of Battle list to a game against a memey Death Guard list. The only games that will be ranked by default are games played as part of a Vault.Play invitational tournament.

Can I be Number One at Shatterpoint as well as Number One at Kill Team?

Yes. Each game system is scored individually. And they are also unique to the store. So you can be number one at Shatterpoint at Brisbane City, but number four at Clayfield (they are just built different in the north).

Does it cost money to join Vault.Play?

No. This is completely free. Nothing is stopping you from signing up right now at

If you have any more question not answered here, joint he Vault Games Community Discord at and ask in the #vault-play-faq channel