Boneyard: Green Dracolich - D&D Icons of the Realms

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According to the trusty Monster Manual for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, the mighty green dragon has a reputation for ambush, cunning and treachery.  Found in woodlands and deep in the heart of mighty forests, the green dragon is surrounded by perpetual mist thanks to its acid breath. It’s a horror that lurks amidst nature, prowling almost unseen despite its size, devouring elves and turning magical glades into places only the brave and foolish will explore. It’s a powerful reminder of nature’s lethal side.

So there’s perhaps nothing more shocking than a Green Dragon that has turned Dracolich, shifting from nature’s ally into a cruel mockery of life, using dark magic to deny the very cycle of life. Green Dracolich’s are an especially lethal and make great villains for any forest inspired campaign.

The Premium Set Green Dracolich is part of Wizkid’s new Boneyard range for D&D Icon of the Realms. The idea is that this one model forms a centre piece of sorts for your mini collection and also gives your players a memorable horror to face in a table top game.


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