Pocket DM - Squad Set


Contains:  5 unique symbol tokens, 3 sets of tally tokens stored in a travel-safe box

Just add dice, and you can play D&D, Pathfinder or any 1-inch RPG system anywhere! This set is designed to support the Dungeon Master, Game Master or narrator by providing easily organised creature tokens. They also work great for wargames to represent objectives & non-combatants. Everything has been efficiently, sturdily created so this little box with a lot of functionality. includes 3 sets of tokens numbered 1-5, and 5 unique tokens.

Each box contains 20 tokens split into 4 groups of 5. Everything has been made with a 1 inch grid in mind, so the tokens are 9/10"(23mm) wide. Each group is a separate colour to help keep track of everything. Each token can be flipped to show its alternative face, and could be used to indicate key details such as prone, injured or unconscious.

Leaving your home to DM doesn't have to be a hassle! The box is a compact 2"x2"x1" (or 51 x51 x28mm) to easily fit inside bags, pockets and handbags.  The box also includes view window so you can easily tell which set is which, and doubles as a finger-groove to extra individual tokens. Made of sturdy plastic, this set will be a mainstay at your table for years.

This set also includes a secret: Flip the lid over and there is an indent for a token. This can easily represent a large-sized creature (filling a 2" by 2" grid) or a mount and rider.

3D Printed using PLA+, a premium environmentally friendly plastic. To keep the tokens looking their best, keep them below 60 degrees Celsius (140 degree Fahrenheit).

We currently have 1 available.