Smash Up: Big in Japan

$37.99 $40.00

Smash Up: Big in Japan brings the most kawaii base-bashing you've seen to Smash Up, with four factions born from Japanese pop culture: anime fighting girls, cute collectable critters that are totally not Pokémon, colourful fighters that are in no way Power Rangers, and Godzilla.

  • Kaiju: WHAT? Huge oversized cards? Run! Run for your lives!
  • Magical Girls: Using spells and teamwork and weaponized cuteness they Smash Bases!
  • Mega Troopers: Martial arts, colourful uniforms, and when the time is right they morph combine into a giant robot!
  • Itty Critters: Find 'em, put 'em in cages, and teach 'em to fight. That's how you show your love for the Itty Critters!

Get the Big in Japan rulebook here!

NOTE: The box says that there are 4 dividers and 4 Titan cards in the expansion. However, something truly MAGICAL happened at the factory! Like a group of smaller robots forming into a larger one, the Titan cards became the divider cards! So you aren't missing anything. Quit emailing us. - AEG Customer Service