WarLock Tiles: Torture Chamber

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Everything you need for your Dungeon's Torture Chamber. With the  WarLock Tiles: Torture Chamber set, you'll be able to create the stuff of nightmares for your players and encounters using highly detailed pre-painted miniatures! As the Iron Maiden sits open, waiting for it's next victim, the Torturer eagerly prepares the Rack in the torchlit room. Will your heroes be able to save the captives in time or will they also find themselves imprisoned in the Hanging Cages, or worse yet: the Spiked Chair? A great edition for any terrain collection!

Key Features:

  • Iron Maiden's doors open and close!
  • Watch the Pendulum swing side to side
  • Roll the Catherine Wheel to add to the tension
  • A Torturer and Assistant eager to perform their jobs
  • Brazen bull with opening on the back
  • Highly detailed pre-painted wood and metal accents

This Set Includes*:

  • Iron Maiden (1)
  • Catherine Wheel, (1)
  • Brazen Bull, (1)
  • Pendulum (1)
  • Spiked Chair (1)
  • Cages (2)
  • Stocks (2)
  • Torture Crosses (2)
  • Racks (2)
  • Drowning Trough (1)
  • Hanging Cages (2)
  • Table (1)
  • Pile of Chains (2)
  • Torturer (1)
  • Assistant (1)
  • Fire Bowls with Clear Fire Element (2)
  • Fire Torch Lamps on Wood Stands (2)
  • Surgical Tray (1)

About WarLock Tiles:
The WarLock Tile system solves many of the problems present with other tile systems. The WarLock clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed. WizKid's 1" tall walls make it easier for players to move pieces around in the room as they play. Offset walls provide you with the ability to place figures in any square on the grid, without pesky corners eating into your play area. Experience a perfect, continuous grid through the entire play space with our patented, modular, ultra-slim interior walls. Additionally, all tiles are reversible with wood design on one side and stone on the other for double the functionality!

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