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The Store Report - September (and August... and also July) 2017
Friday , 28 July 2017 , 09 : 01 AM


Liquor License Aquired

It's here. Just two short weeks ago, the store on Charlotte St Brisbane received its Liquor License. This means that both beer and cider are available to buy in store while you game, as well as the usual Soft Drink, Water, Coffee and snacks.

Our plan is to rotate different breweries over time to ensure you get the best there is to offer (and Brisbane has a lot of greet beer to offer). 

Does this mean you are BYO?

No. While yes, a liquor license means it is now legal to consume alcohol on the premises, for the time being we will not be offering a BYO option. We have a range of beer and cider available from the fridge and, just like the others snacks and drinks, purchases made at the counter go towards keeping the store open and free to play.

Oz Comic Con

We're heading to Oz Comic Con Brisbane again! While the Ixalan Prerelease runs this weekend at the store, we'll be taking a selection of our library along to the Tabletop Section at Oz Comic Con for you to enjoy free of charge. If you've got some time to kill between panels and photo-ops, swing by and enjoy a game with us.

Assembly Required

Since starting abck in June, we've had a lot of great feeedback on our miniatures-focused podcasting and with myself diving headfirst back into the hobby with the new Death Guard models, we always have something fun to talk about in each episode. Check out Episode 2 here, and Episode 3 here. We should have Episode 4 up early next week. 

Research & Development Nights

Our Research & Development nights continue this month with our next event taking place on Saturday 30th, which also happens to be a Board Games & Burgers night as well, meaning not only can you check out some of the latest games Brisbane has to offer from their developers, but you can also get a tasty feed delivered right to your gaming table. Also, if you come by to playetst some games, you could be in the running for the lucky door prize of a Vault Games voucher. All you need to do is play one of the showcase games to be in for a shot. 

If you're a dev and would like to grab one of our showcase tables so we can direct players to you, fill out the form here.

League of Extraordinary Gamers and Toowoomba Board Gamers

With the store getting busier every day, we've found it harder and harder to get out to these great gaming events. We've come to the decision to end our attendance at these events as we have found it too dificult to properly both maintain our presence at them, at the same time as facilitating the every-growing gaming community at the store.

What if I already have an order for pickup from these events?

Have no fear, we will ensure that any order made with a request for pickup at one of these locations will be honoured. We will still be there with your games once they arrive. It is just future orders that will be affected by this change.

Does this mean no more discounts?

No. If you are a member of these clubs, we will still be supporting them remotely. Members of LXG and TBG can still get the 5% discount off all orders (excluding preorders and gift cards) as always. If you are a member of these clubs, reach out to your club managers so that they can share the discount code with you.

If you aren't yet a member of these clubs, we'd encourage you to check them out. The League of Extraordinary Gamers is where all four of us who own Vault Games got together and formed the store you know and love today and Toowoomba Board Gamers, despite being small at the moment, is definitely a club you should check out if you're in the area. Both Dave and Wayne do a great job making sure everyone can get together for some tabletop fun. Both clubs are full of great welcoming people that are always ready for a game. 

Update to Discount Codes

Last month, I posted an article regarding the future of our discode codes. In short, we've turned off discount codes for preorder products. We did this because we have started performing preorder pricing on these products anyway and the discounts added an extra cost to the games that we can not afford in the long term. If you want to find out more, you can check out my blog post here.

2017 Speil des Jahres Winners

The Speil des Jahres awards came and went earlier in July but Jennah has done a pretty in-depth writeup on the winners and losers of this years awards. Check it out here.